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Tile & Grout Cleaning and Restoration

At Adam’s Steam Cleaning, we specialise in the cleaning and restoration of both natural and man-made tiles. Below takes a look at the tile services in which we provide along with the benefits of cleaning, restoring and maintaining your tiles.

Types of tiles / flooring that we clean:

  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Granite
  • Limestone
  • Marble
  • Quarry
  • Slate
  • Travertine
  • Terracotta
  • Sandstone
  • Bluestone
  • Terrazzo

Cleaning: (Maintaining)

- Floor Tile & Grout + Walls

- Indoor tiles including open areas, stairs and bathrooms.

- Outdoor tiles including patios, balconies, pool areas etc.

Our cleaning method allows for an effective cleaning process by removing built up grime and dirt embedded within both the tiles and the grout.

Our cleaning includes:

  • - Inspection of the tiles to determine the best approach.
  • - The application of the needed chemicals (depending on the tiles).
  • - The agitation of the chemicals using our heavy duty scrubbing machines.
  • - Spot stain application (if necessary).
  • - Hot water extraction method to extract all dirt, chemicals and water from the tiles / grout.
  • - Drying of the tiles is quite fast, however blowers are set up to assist.


- Floor Tile & Grout + Walls

- Indoor tiles including open areas, stairs and bathrooms.

- Outdoor tiles including patios, balconies, pool areas etc.

Our restoration includes:

  • - Heavy Duty Scrubbing Restoration
  • - Re-grouting
  • - Sealer Stripping
  • - Sealing
  • - Grout haze - grout residue removal
  • - After builders cleans

Our Tile Restoration Services:

We offer a total range of restoration, polishing, sealing, cleaning and repair services that include the following:

Restoration and Repair

We restore worn, scratched, stained or chipped stone surfaces.


We use abrasive diamond tools to grind stone back where there are deep scratches or visible lippage.


A stone’s surface that has been grounded down slightly to achieve a consistent, smooth and flat matte finish.


Sealing is one of the many services in which we provide. Sealing will help keep away stains and help to make your stone surfaces look great for longer.


If your stone surface is dull and you’re looking for that shiny affect, then polishing your stone can improve its appearance and help to protect and improve the stones reflectivity to look brand new once again.


We provide you with the option of a more polished or a faded look for your stone surface.

Grouting and Re-grouting

We can remove the old and damaged grout and give the stone a new look by re-grouting and providing a sealing service.

What is the difference between honing and polishing?

A honed finish is flatter in color while a polished surface uses an extra step to make the surface reflective.

NOTE: The surface needs to be honed before it can be polished to remove all marks, scratches and etching to even out the surface.

Types of Stains in Natural Tiles and manmade Tiles

Note: Natural stone tiles is typically more porous and holds onto stains more than other types of tile such as porcelain and ceramic.

1. Oil based stains

Such as tar, cosmetics, grease, and cooking oil which will make stone appear darker.

2. Organic Stains

Organically based stains from fruits, food, tea, coffee, urine, tobacco, bark, bird dropping, and leaves.

3. Inorganic Stains

Stains from inorganic metal stains come from rust, bronze, copper, and iron.

4. Biological Stains

Mildew, moss, algae, fungi, and lichens

5. Acid Type Stains

Calcareous stones (having etch marks) are caused by such things as fruit juices, milk, alcohol, etc., which will leave an etch mark and a stain.

6. Efflorescence Stains

Efflorescence is a white powder which can appear on the stones surface, this is done by water that has mineral salts coming from under the stones surface and then it evaporates. As the water is evaporating there is a powdery salt residue left behind.

7. Paint Stains
8. Fire & Smoke Stains

What Grout do We Use?

Two types of grout, Cementitious Grouts, which could be Sanded grout or Unsanded Grout and Epoxy Grout.

So why have your tile and grout cleaned?

  • Having your tiles professionally cleaned extends the life of your tiles by removing built up grime, dirt and mold etc. which stops erosion and chipping of the tiles.
  • Using harsh household products tend to cause damage rather than maintain your tiles overtime (especially bleach) when used incorrectly and with the wrong equipment. Getting down on your hands and knees is also tough and time consuming!
  • Maintains hygiene within the house by removing bacteria and built up nasties that’s been imbedded within the tiles and grout. Our effective, friendly chemicals and steam cleaning method extracts and removes this grime and dirt ensuring your surface is fresh and clean.

Why choose Adam’s Steam Cleaning?

  • - We are a small, family run business since 2014 with our tile & grout specialists having been trained to the highest professional standard with IRCC certification and ongoing training in all tile cleaning / restoration and other services. This ensures the right knowledge is being applied through every application, no matter the type of tile.
  • - We clean both indoor and outdoor tiles for both residential and commercial properties.
  • - We only use high grade machines from:

    • - Truck mounted equipment
    • - Highly powered PSI portables (for units etc.)
    • - Scrubbing / buffing / grinding / honing and polishing machines
    • - Powerheads (all sizes depending on the surface area)

    - Free quotes on all tile cleaning and restoration services.

  • - Friendly staff and great customer service. You won’t be disappointed!


Our prices are dependent on the area, size of the area, condition and the type of tile cleaning that is required. Call us today on 02 98631683 for a free over the phone or onsite quote.

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